UPSC Civil Service Examination, commonly called the IAS exam is often dubbed to be the mother of all exams. There is a reason for that. Statistically speaking the odds are against the aspirant. In this three tiered exam, there are as many as 10 lakh applicants for the coveted jobs. Out of those 10 lakhs, 6 lakh applicants write preliminary exam. Preliminary exam is turning out to be a nerve wracking one from 2015 after CSAT was made qualifying. Usually for every 1 vacancy 12/13 candidates are selected at Prelims stage. So the probability of clearing prelims is just 1 in 31. The second leg of this examination is the mains examination and requires the aspirant to have an extensive writing practice with a holistic, multi dimensional coverage of the issues. Only then, an aspirant shall find himself to be one amongst the 3000 odd students who get a call for the personality test or interview, the last level in this exam.

How will IAS BRAINS help you in your journey?

Prelims cum Mains coaching

Taking into account the dynamics of this exam, the curriculum at IAS BRAINS has been planned to reach out to every student. The courses would strategically guide you from ground zero to higher echelons of subject understanding.
At the first stage, the emphasis would be on amalgamating NCERTs and standard textbooks and delivering the basics in a manner required for the exam in the least possible time. We @IAS BRAINS value a student’s time.
This is done by teachers having a pedagogical experience ranging over many years. They understand the different nuances involved in the subject and train the students based on previous year papers and model questions, delivered right after the basics are taught in the class
The second challenge posed by UPSC is the ability to answer subjective questions. At this juncture, we cannot ignore the importance of current affairs as the basics are already built in the foundational classes. To supplement student’s efforts, periodical current affair classes will be held focusing on training the student to think from a multi dimensional holistic perspective.

Test series

The next stage is the most crucial aspect of one’s preparation: The test series.
IASBRAINS would be focusing on delivering a formidable UPSC CSE oriented test series prepared by our expert team.

Mentorship Program

There is a special Mentorship program- a one of its kind in India. It focuses on training students on how to develop a knack to handle questions both at preliminary and mains level.

Optional subjects offered at IAS BRAINS

Optional subjects are turning out to be the make-or-break factors for many deserving candidates in the mains examination. We offer end to end support to the student in the following optional subjects. We ensure students with best quality training to handle the subject effectively.
1) Anthropology
2) Psychology
3) Geography &
4) Law

Free essay writing Guidance

An impressive essay essentially is something that is educating, engaging and informative without being complex.
It is important to have coherence between your paragraphs which would address the central theme. This is where even students having a pristine sense of language go wrong. An effective UPSC essay has no rigid rules. It is about discovering one’s strengths while covering your weaknesses. In this aspect the student benefits from one to one interaction with his mentor at IASBRAINS.
So how do you make it educating, engaging and informative?
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Free interview Guidance

The notification of UPSC explicitly mentions that the interview or a personality test is a test of your character but not knowledge. IASBRAINS with its affiliation with various retired bureaucrats try to bring out the real self of an aspirant through a detailed interactive sessions based on their detailed application form (DAF) and conduct a plethora of mock interview sessions. It projects the strengths of a candidate and makes him ready for any unforeseen test to his endurance that she/he might face in the interview.
To put it precisely and concisely, the program at IAS BRAINS is accentuated by the needs of the student to see his name in the final list. The size of the batch would be restricted to ensure a student centric approach. We strive to stay true to our motto of staying relevant to the needs of the exam and mould the student accordingly.