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WHY IAS Brains

Every year, almost 10 lakh people apply for the esteemed Civil Services examination, which is administered by the UPSC. In the end, just a few thousand candidates are chosen to manage the bureaucratic wing of the world’s greatest democracy. In the aftermath of such a competition and the test’s multi-tiered, multi-faced character, the function of coaching has shifted from spoon-feeding of omnipresent study materials to preparing an applicant to meet the dynamic nature of the examination and nurturing her mentality to think like an administrator. IAS BRAINS had stepped in to fill the need in AshokNagar, Hyderabad, keeping in mind the changing trend and the evolving demands of aspirants. IAS BRAINS has been responding to the increasing demands of this test through a shift in pedagogical methodology by finding the perfect balance between the conventional syllabus and current affairs, with a rigorous curriculum in step with the requirements of the syllabus.

WHY IAS Brains
The Uniqueness of IAS Brains

The Uniqueness of IAS Brains

IAS BRAINS also focuses on moulding the aspirant’s personality by expanding his learning experience from a multidimensional perspective, which strengthens the individual’s value system. It is reflected in the final part of the journey i.e. interview. With a multitude of coaching material available, acquiring information is the least of our concerns, but arranging and replicating it in accordance with UPSC requirements is a task that only a few can accomplish. IAS BRAINS prepares you for this! IAS BRAINS will function as the anchor that protects your dreams while you strive to serve this country and travel through your path.

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  • SOPs for administering the second dosage of Covishield before 84 days for specific groups have been issued. Israel reports the first "Florona" case, as well as a Covid and influenza double infection.
  • In Kolkata, demand for Covid antibody treatment is increasing, but doctors caution of abuse.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination In Progress -  CoWIN Registrations for the 15-18 age group to Commence on January 1, 2022.
  • Durga Shanker Mishra, IAS officer, will be the new Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Central Government has changed the pay standards for IAS, IPS, and IFS employees, which will make current and pending property returns easier.
  • UPSC Civil Services Mains 2020
  • A flaw in CoWin permits anybody to acquire more that two Covid-19 vaccine jabs with various IDs.
    The entry of information in Cowin is approved through identity cards such as Aadhaar and PAN cards. The government's CoWin vaccination platform appears to have resulted in certain persons receiving a full third dosage of Covid-19 vaccine in violation of standards. This is achievable because the CoWin platform receives information from many ID cards but is unable to determine if they belong to the same person due to the platform's lack of integration for these various identification cards.
  • Dr RS Sharma, CEO of the CoWIN platform, said eligible individuals can make their appointment for the 'precaution dosage' using their existing COWIN account.
    Dr RS Sharma, CoWIN platform director, explained today that persons eligible for the Covid-19 cautionary dosage are not need to re-register on the CoWIN mobile app. However, qualified individuals can make their appointment for the 'precaution dosage' using the same COWIN account.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) said on 13th January 2022 that the term "Deltacron," which implies that Delta and Omicron have merged, does not exist in reality from clinical perspective. Dr Maria Van Kerkhove of WHO said - In reality, we believe it is the product of contamination that occurred during the sequencing process. She did, however, clarify that a person might be infected with many forms of SARS-CoV-2. The WHO technical head further claimed that there have been cases of patients being infected with both influenza and Covid-19 "during this epidemic."
  • Garena Free Fire has been nominated as the most influential Game of 2021. The game has been found to be so popular that lakhs if not crores of participants play it everyday. Garena has come up with the Garena free fire redeemption codes for free which they used to make available for purchase. Tis decision has made the game even more popular.

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